CyberCode MSSP

Managed Security Services

CyberCodes IT management and security MSSP service is a solution that combines vulnerability scanning, patch management, and EDR capabilities in a single cloud console. With insight into the health of every endpoint across your network, you get the peace of mind that comes from predicting, preventing, and eliminating threats in real time. Our completely cloud-native framework delivers  zero day protection against undetectable threats while defending your endpoints from known threat signatures.

Protection with Auto Containment – the patent-pending auto containment technology is the world’s only active breach protection that stops ransomware, malware or cyber-attacks from causing damage. This allows protection of the systems without having to rely on detection of any sort.

SOC Management Platform – a cloud native platform covering SIEM, analytics, case management and threat sharing, with artificial intelligence capabilities and a semi-supervised artificial intelligence engine that learns from the activities, events and operations.

Cloud-Native Network Detection and Response – enterprise-class network traffic analysis that detects suspicious behaviors, prioritizes investigations for the highest risk threats, and automates responses. It captures network traffic, generates extensive metadata for important network protocols, and sends this data to the cloud to correlate with endpoint sensor data.

SOC-as-a-Service – full blown SOC services with threat hunting teams combined with system-generated alerts to detect malicious activity and provide incident response. It incorporates artificial intelligence capabilities with a semi-supervised artificial intelligence engine that learns from activities and operations of cybersecurity experts, accelerating the detection and response to new threats


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Due to shortage of Cyber Security Skills and talents, it is very difficult for organisations to implement, operate and maintain a secure internal control environment to meet various regulatory, legal and statutory compliance requirements ( eg COSO, PCI DSS, NDPR). Subscribing to CyberCode MSSP service, allows you to meet most of the operational security requirements seamlessly thereby boosting your Cyber Security Capabilities while meeting Data governance, privacy and security requirements.




  • Light weight agent
  • Updated from the cloud
Security architecture that prevents damage


Why complicate your daily operations by managing your cybersecurity solutions through different interfaces? Your job is hard enough! Make your life easier, your customers safer, your employees more productive and your data more secure with  CyberCode's Dragon Platform.